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Originally posted by Gavin:
Originally posted by DbSport_Philippines:
i would like to know what battery and what alternator to use and how many would i need.
i have a stetsom 9k2d @ 12v combined with a kicker solox18. i need power especially for db reading here in the Philippines. what kind and model of batts do i need and how many? what kind of alternator and how many amps? thank you
Hey bro,
I would suggest 4 batts just to be safe. as for which battery, I personally suggest PM or Kinetik. Both are top of the line and used by most people in the DB game. About the alt. Get in touch with Scottie over at XS power, I'm sure he can guild you in the right direction for an alt.
what about stinger? i already have here 2 2150 of stinger? can i just add another 2?
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