What do you guys think?
I'm talkin' about a top shelf 3-way front stage & SQL bass in the trunk.
I'm gettin' ready to drop all my equipment into a 2000 ES300.
The car's in great shape, so I don't have any problems doing it, but will this be a great car for SQL?
Thoughts anyone?
It's got to be a 4 door sedan.....
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should be fine. I'd look for something with lots of legroom, where you can build kicks really far forward. Something that runs very quiet at idle and cruising down the highway. For ease of install I'd prefer something with a handbrake rather than ebrake pedal.
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MercedesS500/600, BMW745/750/760Li, Lexus LS430.
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Andy Jones
flat dash
small center console
lots of soft materials
very few hard surfaces
adjustable seats
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Hey eric, you're a nice guy. Buy me a BMW 760!!!! I'll love you forever. Promise.
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