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dB Don
Andrew!! Long time no see. How are you?
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When I ran in 95-96 I has 3 soundstream class A 6.0 amps 25x2 (for the 0-150 class) and we could get 900+ mono at 1 ohm each. Did a 145.7 running 2 on 96 off a ac 180 mic.just had to pop that in even if it is a old topic lol
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Master Yoda
not that it matters after 9 years but tis thing is /NASTY!! STRONG I personaly have clamped over 1800 watts out of this amp and is rated at 300@4ohms!!

The SAE-1200D is now on it's second generation -- the v.2 model features an improved double-sided PCB board and an all new layout plus more features to increase long-term durability and efficiency!

The SAE-1200D is designed to produce it's full 1200 watts of rated output at 12.8 volts! As with our SAZ line sound quality was just as much concern as power output so the SAE-1200D will not disappoint in this regard. The SAE line comes with the same warranty and customer service that our customers have come to expect from Sundown Audio, all at a more affordable price than ever!


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Cadence has some really strong amps Im not sure if they still use a comp. rating but I know their older amps up to the daytona series did I believe the Daytona 2500.1 was rated at 100 watts at 4 ohms
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loud tercell
Americanbass cx1200d rated 12watts at 4ohms so 48watts at 1ohm clamped 1400rms on 14v
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It's funny that after 9 years USACi still uses "cheater" amps.

Get with the times people. 4 ohm ratings??
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We would love to see this changing, 4ohm power is minimum 4 times lower than 1 ohm, but normally 1/3 of the power due to the power supply voltage drop at the minimum load...
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Ex Team Neo member, Mike Cummings, is doing a 157.4 in USACi, with an American Bass 200.1, in the 0-600 stock class. You can contact him on the USACi forums, his screen name is brownmca6.

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