I got a 94 mustang gt and i am wanting 2 put a custom box where the spare tire goes. i looked up a rectanglar box calculator on google, a 25x25x6 box with 3/4 in mdf will produce about 1.4 cubic ft. that size will barley fit in the hole. I am thinking bout putting a kicker cvt 12 shallow mount sub in there. I dont want retarded bass as u can c since im going with 1 12. The idea is when u open the trunk u still have all the trunk space with just the grill sticking up out of the carpet. Any advice, comment, suggestions, or help would be nice. I just want a some bass while watching weight, im trying 2 stay into the low 12s
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a GOOD fiberglass box could weigh half as much and be the most volume efficient
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I've been doing some research on mustang boxes too.
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a friend of mine had a 94 GT that he had 4 power hx2 12s on a pair of bd 1500s

Fiberglassed the spare tire well and did the subs at angles firing up inverted
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Boogie Woogie
prefab boxes suck, build your own
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