would like some advice on a box design for a ford winstar try to get louder than 152
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It would be far more helpful to the members of this forum if we knew exactly what you were working with. You need to give a full run down of the equipment you currently have. Also, when you say 152 is this an average spl with music or a burp score? In order for the members of this forum to be helpful, we will need to know exactly what organization you plan to compete and what class. Burping a 152 and averaging a 152 with music are 2 entirely different things without factoring in what class/organization you will most likely be competing in.

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I'm looking to built my self an enclosure but more on the SQ than SPL like I did before. SQ not my type.

I have a RE MX 12" Dual 2 going in a Camaro 2011 power by a Crossfire XP 1400D.

What size of box and would it be better to be seal or ported and tuning it at what?

My plans were 2 cubic feat tune in the lows 33s I want it to hit every note as possible and nice and clean.

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Team CNSS-Deron
Go 1.5 sealed or you can go 2.5 ported. But no matter what make sure that you use 1" wood to lessen the flex.
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