Basically this is the situation i have a trailblazer i stripped down the back and put a floor in it so at this point im trying to build a box for 1 18 thinking about a btl , with a amp ~ 7k for burping. probably trying to be tuned around 45hz. any ideas on a good box design?
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sub up port back, sorry to be a smart ass ryan. 6-7cubes 120in2 of port? idk maybe more experienced people could step in
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I tried a 4.5 cubic feet box with 2 PVC 8" tubes, i hit 148 dbs on the first burp, shrinked the box around 4.2 cubic feet and i hit 149.1 dbs with a Cadence C6 @ 1 ohms on a DD 3518 sub (not the best one for numbers) but i don
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