so we want this box below the window line and this is what i came up with.



(more links if those links dont work)



any suggestions or tweaks anybody has?

it will be two audioque 15s copper coils to a aq 2200.1 D
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no one?
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stang em
Howd you get the box specs? I usually go by dd/aq specs of 16 sq in of port per cuft by 18 long. Im just curious to how you got the box tuned to 34hz with only 17 inches of port length. I'm not questioning you but rather asking you to explain it to me. Cuz my current boxs port is 19 inches long and it actually raised my tuning freq 3hz. You dont have the sentra anymore? Hope it works out for ya. Lately people havent been replying to too many threads in any room.
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hey thanks for replying, this is my friends 4 door truck.

i used 14 sq in of port and the calculator i used was here http://www.mobileinformationlabs.com/HowTo-1Woofer-Box-CAL%20Port%20lenth%201.htm and i just tuned it to around 35 hz.

the box itself is 10.2 cu ft without negation of port

and the port is going to be 5.5" wide x 24.5 " height

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