Started the year with this ( before i came over to the bass head side from just doing car shows):
Pioneer avic 900bt
infinity 6.5 coaxials atw
jl t320.4
jbl gto 12
rockford 400.2
did a 139.9 on a ac meter legal

Then I was hit by the sundown bug:
Pioneer avic 900bt
sax 1200d
sax- 100.4
jbl c608gti mkii components
best score was a 140.9 on the TL sealed

Part 2:
kenwood bt948hd
2 sa-12's
optima group 31 and group 34
best score was a 143.7 on the TL sealed

New Part 3 will be:
HU: Kenwood BT948HB
JBL C608gti mkii active off Sundown sax-100.4
JBL MS6200 Marine speakers off a Orion 600.2
2 Sonic Soundlabs Super Sonic X 12's
Mechman H/O Alt 220amp
XS Power D3400 & D3100

Here's some pics of the SA-12 VS the SS X 12:

side by side:
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cmon more pics
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Car is a 2006 Honda civic LX sedan BTW

No pics yet until I get some wood for a new box and the new amp in. Should have wood by end of the week and the new amp by early next week just sent the paypal for the amp...

Here are some pics of the current setup:

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nice man, more pics please, ALSO SCORE FOR LAST SETUP?
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Score with the 1 sa-12 and 1200 was 140.9db legal sealed, for iasca idbl stock 2:

Score from the 2 SA-12's off the 2500 was a 143.7 in testing but didn't get a pic, highest recorded run was 143.3db legal sealed, for iasca idbl stock 2...

Did this one May 21st:

This was May 28th: I sanded and resin'd the inside the box and gained...
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Last few runs have been consistently in the 142.6/7 range..
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Big Thanks to Derrick for picking up my 3500 from Jacob at SA HQ today, I should have it sometime this weekend!!!

Also started the new box today, should come out to be right at 3cu ft @ 35hz.

Here are some pics:

Old Box & Old Amp gone:

Start of new box:

Box mostly done waiting on me to fiberglass the inside:
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GO VOTE FOR ME TO BECOME PART OF TEAM Second Skin Audio http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/118951-round-2-team-second-skin-looking-for-members/
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Bottom layer of glass:
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New sundown sax-3500

Forget if I ever posted a pic of the tweeters mounted
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Who's product is better Mechman or DC Power? Reason being Mechman only makes a 220a and DC power can make a 220,250, and 270a HO Alt for my car....$ wise I can get either the 250a or 270a dc power alt for cheaper then the Mechman 220a.... Just haven't heard alot about DC Power CS & warranty...
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