hey guys.. this is a long time comming, i joined this website about 10 years ago and i need to build a new setup. i have 2 kicker l7's 10 inch. they are going into a 2001 bmw 3 series.. the problem is, is that there is a wall of metal between the trunk and the cabin.. but there is a ski pass. anyway i got the dimensions from kicker. i want the port to be firing directly into the cabin sealed off from the trunk thru the ski pass. .. the specs are 1.1 feet per speaker each chamber. common port 2.6 with port displacement. port area 56 inches opening. and length of port is 14 " thats what i was told.. i not too great at this stuff BUT, i hopefully will have a ton of pics to show you guys and hopefully a good setup .. maybe if one of you guys could draft up a plan of attack (box spec) i would greatly appreciate it.. any good advice will also help. but a good box design would really really really help. thanks
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Wayne Harris
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