On another forum I belong to, they started a $150 challenge to see who can get loud with a tiny budget.

Here are the rules:

***Official Rules of THE $150 SPL CHALLENGE!!***

-All items must be new(with links to EVERY DAY pricing..I don't care if it is an ebay store or other sites) *
-Classes are Class A -Trunk, Class B- Hatch and SUV, and Class C- Truck (all classes will be a "basic stock" format)
-Must be ran on a 12-14 volt electrical
-2 "Records" will be set for each class. Outlaw** Legal***
-No limit on amount of subs or amps
-No limit on batteries or wire size(many will just be tossing this in and there is no need to run a stupid 8 or 4 gauge wire just for this)
-MUST be in the "cargo" area of a vehicle
-$150 limit to include purchase of sub(s) and amp(s). Other materials, taxes, shipping will not be included in the total price.
-Must be a video of the run, with proof in the video that the product purchased for $150 is what is producing the score.
-Season will run from Feb 1st to Nov 1st. I will personally give out plaques to those who are current record holders at the end of the season.
-All runs must use a TermLab to produce the score.

*-No internet specials of any kind. Must be daily prices from ebay or other sites with no discounts.

**-Outlaw as described per http://"">USACi rules.

***-Legal as described per http://"">DB Drag rules.

If pricing gets to be an issue, I will implement a similar rule used in racing for motors. If any other member wishes to purchase any other members sub(s) and amp(s) for $150(plus shipping) then it would have to be sold. Again, this will only be implemented if pricing becomes a issue.
I will be using a 1997 Acura Integra hatchback. Before I start ordering equipment, I need to figure out a lot of things. First and foremost, I need to figure out what I am going to do with the subs.

Am I wrong to think that with only a few hundred watts to play with that cone area will be key?

The Hifonics hifi subs seem to be a popular choice and only run $15 a piece. I don't think I would have any trouble fitting three of them in the hatch, but I don't know if that would be the best choice. If I only went with 2 of them, I could spend more money on the amp to obtain a little more power.

As far as the box goes, what I have read in the past is that subs forward port forward is the best choice. Is this still true?

any suggestions for what you would focus on in this challenge?
I'm open to all opinions!

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Humm which forum is this. I am part of a sh*tton of forums and I am interested in following this.
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18inchjeepin and caco
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hows the build going ???
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what amps can you actually get for under $100 though?
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you'd be surprised ammo. and it's not about getting stupid loud, it's all about fun. i like the idea
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I like the idea. It brings back the budget ground pounder, every day setups basically. Puts things back in perspective, taking us back to where we all started. I have been wanting to get similar types of events started locally, because it is annoying that the beginner "kids" can't really get into the sport, and be competitive against guys that are getting free or discounted gear from the manufacturers. I see guys with 10,000 watt amps that the average person could never afford, especially when they're driving a $600 car. LOL
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