will these work for hooking up a bazooka bass tube ?
or can you not tell what they are ?

if theres any way to help you identify the cords please let me know, im trying to determine what they are...cause a best buy install is only 80 dollars if the cables are already run ...

i assume that last one is the rc cable ?

and the first ones are power/ground ?

so i still need a 12v remote ?

but what is a 12v remote ?

or do i have the cables wrong ?

[ 12-27-2009, 11:13 AM: Message edited by: richyjb ]
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i cant figure out how to upload... but i asked this question on a few forums...heres a link to another forum where i was able to upload the pics ..
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all the links are not working that got pics. so i dont really know what you needcan you email pics? ill try to help
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dude thats an amp kit.....
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i read that thread, and the questions the poster was asking. that original poster should let best buy install those items, since he doesnt have a clue what an amp kit is.
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