Just doing some research with regards to electrical system and batteries to use in my bassracer/demo car.

Id like to hear what your guys setup is, how loud it is and what type and quantity of batts you're using. And maybe the voltage drop you get while playing would be quite helpful too.

To make things easier I figured this sort of template would be handy.

-type of vehicle
-subs used (type and quantity)
-amps used (type, quantity and load on amps)
-top bassrace score and peak frequency playing ALL OUT
-top burp score and frequency
-voltage drop when playing flatout

Heres my old explorer. It was a street C vehicle but I dabbled a bit in bassrace at home.

-1997 ford explorer 4 door. leather interior, sunroof.
-4 DD 9912 D motors
-SPL enclosure 5 cubes gross. roughly 4 cubes net
-4 AB 500.1 @ 0.5 ohm strapped
-151.9 @ 49hz bassrace
-157.4 @ 51 burp
-2 NSB90s (bassraced with car off)
-Drop to 10.0 playing peak frequency and dropped to 9.6 at different part of song when playing 44hz

The reason I ask this is because Im building a 159.9 car on a budget so Im trying to figure out how many batts to use and also if a 16 volt setup is really worth it. Obviously it will be louder than a 12 volt setup but would require more 16 volt batts than 12 volt because of their lower capacity.

I know Clay did pretty amazing things with Jimbo with 12 volts and only 7 XS powerd3100s. Which is very reassuring. Cannot recall how many batts Don is using now but he was on 16 volts using XS power last time I checked.

I plan on using one large amp to start. Atleast a 12k amp. SD16k, AB 1100.1 etc are on my list as long as I can find a good deal on one used.

Any opinions or advice of batts to run would be also appreciated.

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I havent Bassraced in about 2 years but the car is still setup to do so. Equiptment and car as follows:

Car- 2001 Ford Focus ZX3

Electrical- 3 XS Power D3100's in spare tire well 3 runs of 0/1 to rear
Alt is a Mechman 220 amp but last comp I had a 260 amp Iraggi

Subs- 4 Sundown sa12" dual 2ohm subs

Amps- 2 Sundown saz3500D's @ .5 ohms per amp

Extras- The car is deadend with Second Skin on the roof, hatch, and quarter pannels
There is Dynamat on the doors. If going for a max run a teamate will sit on the center
of the windshield.

Tuning- 36hz peaking at 42 in car

SPL- 155.6 @ 43hz on the dash sealed and 157.5 in the kick @ 46hz

Bassrace- 149.9's 10 runs in a row with no problem, max run with old setup was 153.6 @ 42hz
I havent metered the 4 12's but they are 1.2 db louder than my old 15's

I hope that helps you decide on electrical. I do drop into the mid to low 12's on voltage during a full tilt Bassrace run and about the same on a burp. However driving the car I stay in the 13's.
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