Well I've ran into issues with skipping on my Eclipse 8053 and tonight it stopped reading cds. Stood up to high 149s to a low 150 on music daily for 9 months at least.

I really love this deck and hate to buy anything new and expensive if it's not going to last. I've never ran a changer before, but seems like it'd be a good cheap route to go. This deck should still work with a changer, but I'm wondering for how long.

Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions? Last time I metered I was doing a 150.x on some Jeezy songs. Hoping to get louder this coming year, so I need a setup that will withstand some abuse.
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Mr Wiggles
pioneer premiers and changers.
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It depends a lot on how its mounted in the car.

I had an eclipse 8445 in my old silverado and it stood up to 160+ all day long.

A changer should take care of your situation though
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