Detlef Hagel
In my opinion, we need a better herarchy for the Judges.

President = Wayne
Committee = Detlef, Yiannis and Jeremy
4x Judges (Committee)
3x Judges (no competitors)
2x Judges
1x Judges

The Committee create the rules in the future.
The Committee make the Trainings and certified the Judges
The Committee are the Head Judges at the world finals

Now we can discuss, which conditions to be fulfilled must for certified.
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There is a certain issue with self created certified judges, certified judges that they are also competitors (some of them high level), certified judges that doesn't know basic rules.

This situation might affect some people in short term, but i think it will greatly improve overall judging quality.

Also removing some competitors/3x certified judges will stop other competitors whining...
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Jeremy Weber
I agree, I quit competing in 2005 to be a multi point judge, I feel I can pay all mt attention to promoting, and judging, not what my car dose.
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Nice at least everuone is on the same pace on that
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Wayne Harris
I agree.
Keep it Loud! Make me Proud!
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I agree
it's sure we need make a comite how have the final word when some judge are not agree with the rules book (example at WF with extrem car)
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dBDRA Organizational Structure - Officers, responsibilities, etc.

Certification - Judges training and certification. Event promoter contracts including responsibilities and restrictions.
When need judges training because the rules book it
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