Hello Termpro family. I haven't posted on here in a while. Hope all is well with all of you.

Unfortunately, the nature of this post is a sad one. A fellow SPL competitor (past and present) that has competed or been a part of competitors vehicles (he helped with our vehicles a lot) is fighting for his life as of this morning. Charles Gross was in a car accident on the 28th of April and apparently had a stroke this morning. I have no more details than this, but I didn't need them to send some prayers his and Carman's way.

Charles is one of the best guys I have known in the industry over the past from his willingness to help out and his willingness to sit down and BS for hours while throwing back some beers.

I wish for a speedy recovery for him and hope all is well.

I figured it was only right to let everyone on here know about this.

Here is his FB page.
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Sorry, I was wrong, he had the stroke last night and also had unsuccessful surgery.
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That's sad news to hear. Hoping he can get through it ok. I dont know him personally, but its always sad to hear. Sending some prayers for him and his family.
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Thanks Alan,
as said in Facebook, my thoughts are with him also.
Met him many times and he is really a heck of a guy!
Hopefully he will have much strength to go through this and recover!
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There is a facebook page " Praying for Charley Gross " you can sign up and join that gives daily updates on his status.

He was in a wreck coming from a stereo show. Was airlifted to hospital in Springfield, Mo. He has been in ICU since 4/28. The majority of the bones in his head were broke. He has had one successful operation. While healing from that, as Alan said, he had a small stroke. Doctors are waiting for recent issues to pass before they can begin with second facial opperation.

He'll be in the hospital for a very VERY long time. As long as everything goes according to plan, he will eventually be ok in time. Right now the family needs your prayers.

There are currently a benifit stereo contest planned for Charley and his family, as well as a couple raffles taking place at other stereo contests over the next couple of months. There is also a donation link on one of the other organizations websites if you wish to help the family out.

If you know Charley, he needs your prayers right now and for awhile.
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Thanks for putting this up here Alan, and Steve, thank you for the constant updates on the FB page. He will beat this!
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