denise varmatos just posted this on facebook.

Okay here we go!! I and others Brandon Mansbach,at Trendsetter Audio, Jerry TheOracle Messick & Wiley Poppel at Excessive DB Have been working on a little somethin for you guys & gals. IF the Ohio Inac /3x location happens we will be holding a 1x (certified single point) IASCA IDBL & Bass Boxing event in Indianapolis IN on Feb 18th. Which will be FREE ENTRY. Yes you read correctly FREE FOR ANYONE TO ENTER THIS EVENT!! What we want to do is give the people that are entering the IASCA 3x /INAC event (if it happens fingers crossed and toes) A chance to be classed, get to know, and practice IASCA IDBL & Bass Boxing. As well as a Kick off to the shows that will be happening with both shops in Indy this season. I will be out there ALL DAY (in the cold, remember I've been in FL for 10yrs LOL so hopefully not to dang cold!!) I will stay until midnight if need be to go over classes, answer questions , talk, get to know you competitors & run the event. We have been working to get this show together for you so everyone knows 7 gets a chance to see what IASCA is about before this 3x / INAC location happens. Thank the shops & people listed above because they & I have worked our booty's off to make this happen!!!
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