So here is what I have. 1 18 Inch AQ HDC3, 2000 watts of clamped power, and a 1989 Civic Hatchback that peaks at 61 hz. I am building this for a clamped power class and cannot exceed 2000 rms. Window line is not an issue and I can build a miniwall if I need to. So, sub up port back, sub forward port back, sub and port forward? Whats gonna get loudest on low power?
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Aaron Bryant
ive seen sub up port back with box and single aero port get loud either that or bass tubes like alot of the crx guys use
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Master Yoda
talk to Cookiemonster has has the same type of car with lots of test results!
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Sub forward, port driver side. Should knock that freq down a couple hertz but with 2000w, you'll be fine.

I would try sub forward and port straight up (outside of the box) also. Use the same box, turn it, shorten the port, and plan on playing a high note.

Those are your two extreams so see which works best for your car and start workin from there.

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