Hey Everyone,
I recently bought a 2000 Tahoe Limited with lots of aftermarket things installed (stereo, tvs, dvd player, air suspension, etc..). However, after parking it for a couple days, the battery dies. I figured it was a bad battery, and replaced it, but still the same problem persisted. So, I decided to get out the multimeter and test to see what kind of draw the car was pulling while parked.
With everything hooked up, it draws about 148mA. after disconnecting my alarm, it draws about 48mA, and after disconnecting all the aftermarket stuff, it draws about 38mA.
I don't know much about car electrical systems, but I found somewhere online that cars typically draw about 20-22mA while parked.

My alarm is a Clifford IntelliGuard 7000, and I guess my question is, why is it drawing 100mA? is this normal? I perfomed some tests recommended in the alarm's manual, and everything seems to be functional on the alarm (ie: no errors).

Anyone out there with some ideas or advice?

Thanks in advance...

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pimpin at my house
it is normal look into a battery tendor...
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