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actually new kenwood cd players do have a factory code. i had to reset one the other day. the code was, i think, in the kids manual. he actually called kenwood. they told him where it was, and not to forget it, because there would be a fee for the code next time. he used the actual faceplate to type it in as well. i thought it was stupid as hell. i hate oem codes, now aftermarket has them??
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Originally posted by Empire Audio-Mike:
Call Kenwood and they will tell you how to have it unlocked without damage.
They will tell you the same exact sequence that was a couple of posts above. You have to use the remote, but the KCAR is the standard reset code. I know for a fact it will work with any of the 28, 32, or 35 series radios with a remote. I've had to do it about ten times just this year already for customers that don't write down their code when they set it......
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some one prolly entered it. but i dont think it came with factory code set none of mine did norma if its a factory code its 1234 or 9999 sounds like some one set it
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this is directly copied from the tech-lit our kenwood rep gave to us in our sales/training meeting.

Your deck has the volume up and down buttons, not the knob. So the procedure should be...

Press & hold the Volume Up button.
1.While holding the Volume Up button, push and hold the Disp button. The "____" will disappear after about 5 sec.
2.Enter KCAR using the remote control from a higher end CD Receiver or and Excelon CD Receiver.
Enter "KCAR" with the remote controller as described below.
"K": Press track up key (>> after pressing the 5 key twice.
"C": Press track up key (>> after pressing 2 key once
"A": Press track up key (>> after pressing the 2 key three times.
"R": Press track up key (>> after pressing 7 key twice.
*If you commit a mistake in the code entry, the unit enters the code request mode again
3. Press the track advance button on the remote to enter the override code.
4. The unit will enter the All Off or Standy mode if done propery.
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Kenwood KDC-519 Code Entry Instructions
After switching on the unit the display will show 'ENTER' followed by 'CODE - - - -'

Press preset [ 1 ] repeatedly for the first digit
Press preset [ 2 ] repeatedly for the second digit
Press preset [ 3 ] repeatedly for the third digit
Press preset [ 4 ] repeatedly for the third digit

Followed by pressing [DISP/NAMES] button to enter.

The radio will display 'APPROVED' followed by 'ALL OFF'. Press [SRC] button to switch on.

The set will now operate.
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I've hunted everywhere I can think of. I have a kvt-819dvd deck with a lost code. I have tried every combination of buttons to get rid of the code prompt and allow me to enter "kcar" with the remote. I have tried just the remote and done 5227, 55222277, etc. There is no apparent response from the unit. Because this is a dvd touch screen, is there a special process used to unlock it? Thanks to whoever can help.
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do you have the bypass done when you're trying the codE?
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Is the KCAR-thing working on KDC w3537(w3537a) too??? Or is it too new.
Have lost the card with the code... Please help!

best regards
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Ms. Piggy
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i have a kenwood ddx7039 i bought 2 yrs ago..i just need to find out the code can anybody help?i lost the card with the code...Please help
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read the above posts
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yep my kdc-x493 has a security code but I set it. If the above post don't work send it to kenwood or sell it and buy a new one.
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