Will NSPL stats be added on this site? I see USACi is now here, along with db drag and iasca.
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Pulse Car Audio
it would be cool...
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2011 season-
1st event 139.6 June 18 Audio Jam
2nd event 144.0 June 26 Elite Audio
3rd event 146.2 July 17 Pulse Audio
4th event 149.3 July 31 Elite Audio
5th event 154.4 Aug 21 Pulse Audio
6th event 155.3 Sept 11 Pulse Audio
7th event 156.6 Sept 17 NSPL World Finals
2012 season-
1st event 156.3 Oct 2 US Audio
2nd event ***.* Oct 9 Pulse Audio

Try to keep track of your shows and dates here then edit stat after an event, If I accumulate ALL my NSPL stats damn that would take some time but might be worth a try
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