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Bout time we didn't think you had it in ya PIPO!!!

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Originally posted by ProTruck: you know who the father is???? jus play'n
If he's born with a mole, I dont know nothing about it!

J/K... Congrats Pipo!!!
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Good job Pipo! All that vibrating and shaking finally paid off.
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Miguel A.
Congrats bro and to Vanessa, give me a call tomorrow
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Wow I appreciate all the kinds words.....I guess it did work afterall

After 2 years of marriage and 9 nephews and nieces I think it was time to make my own.

And no I'm not selling the truck I just need to hurry up and put the truck back together ASAP

Thanks for all the phone calls everyone.
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Team Livewire - Eric
Congrats man!
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Incriminator Audio
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teamflorida AJ
Pipo, congrats on the up and coming member of the family. Hope all things go well with the mrs. God bless!!
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