Gary F.
Congrats to these guys for SBN.

Derrick Bass Race World Champ!!!
Lendell Ext Os 1-2 World Champ!!!
Fred jr Ext 3-4 North American Champ!!!
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Thanks Gary!
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Mr.Sears one 15 sub from hell
Congrats guys...It looks like the NSPL family...really represented....
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good job guys
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Thanks guys!!!
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The Carolina guys did very well!

Along with those mentioned,

I was 2nd in SBN Lightweight Bass Boxing
Robert 2nd in Inac Lightweight Bass Boxing
Vance 1st in SBN No Wall 2
Nick 1st in SBN 129.9 Bass Race
Steve 1st in Inac No Wall 2
Scott took 3rd I think in SS 5+

and there were also some others that took some 2nds and 3rd I believe. Can't remember everyone as we had a lot there.
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Thanks guys had a blast!
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Congrats Guys!
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