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Team Prodigy James
Originally posted by kbreudi:
Vids or it didnt happen!!
haha j/k, veryy verry nice score for only 6 12s!! Is your cabin still SS legal?
Mike is correct. If he puts his headliner back in he is completely SS legal.
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What freq??Regardless thats loud!!!
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What's it do on Flashdance?
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great score!!!
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any body happen to get a video?

i dnt think im gonna be able to make it down to the show in wintersville
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Rich Stitt
poor vid cause of sun but heres one!/video/video.php?v=1958886741662
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Team Prodigy Steve
just wait until tomorrow's show ......
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Corey J.
wheres the result ? Its more than tomorrow !
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Team Prodigy Mike
Wayne has been working on the site. And we haven't been able to upload results yet
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same score. 159.5
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