Greetings from Finland.

i got an old jap, corolla fx -87.

im new to SPL and im making my first set of SPL equipment to maxx my rolla up. Im studying IT in university, so i got some ideas and basic knowledge of physics wich can help me or NOT

im searching for the optimum enclosure design to my car to volume up a one 12" as high as it can get. sofar i have studied diffirent kind of enclosures and i have came up with 55 L = 1.94230 ft
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Boogie Woogie
don't look to winisd for guidance, it does not factor in the vehicle, getting an idea on your port is about all its good for... aeros are louder than square ports, and thats about all i can help you with... bass race is where its at, but if you wanna do spl welcome to hell lol
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