Audio pipe! Lanzar! HUGE SYSTEM HERE!!! - $1300 (Bluffton)
Date: 2010-05-03, 4:44PM EDT
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I have SIX AUDIO PIPE TXXAPX15BL Subs In three seprate Q Logic slot ported boxes that are screwed together as one. (AWSOME!!) With THREE LANZAR VECTOR 5000 WATT AMPS!! (THESE ARE THE BIG BOY"S OF LANZAR!) This is one VERRY HARD HITTING SYSTEM!! One of the loudest around!!! This setup made 216 decible inside my van!!!! And is only running about 60%!! Needs a bat in the back! WE THROUGH IT TOGETHER LOL!Allso have a Audiobond RACK MOUNT power cap! It is 5 Ferid! This was bought for my store Jamz Guitars And More here in Bluffton!! We are gearing up to sell car audio! THIS IS WAY TO MUCH FOR THE CO. VAN LOL!!!!! This would cost you $1.800 BEFORE TAX!!!! This system only has about 2 hours of play time!! And MAYBE 20 min of HARD DRIVEN time on it! If you know these woofers then you know what they will do!! THEY WILL BLOW OUT WINDOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MINE FLEX PREFUSELY! I WILL NOT SEPERATE THIS IS A PACKAGE DEAL AND IS WELL UNDER WHAT YOU WOULD PAY ANYWHERE ELSE USED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still have the boxes for every thing as well!! This was all bought NEW 2 weeks ago!! COME GET IT!!!!! Make your SUV or whatever you can get these monsters FRICKAN POUND!!! YOU CAN HERE BEFOR YOU BUY! CALL 260-827-0870 or my cell at 260-273-2706. Ask for Shane......
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lol I saw this on there earlier
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offer him $200
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Broken Silence - Johnny
$200 sounds kinda steep
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5 Ferids and screwed together prefab boxes?!!?!? Get that now before someone else does!!
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I want my car to "frickan pound!!!!!!"
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Boogie Woogie
someone should call him
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Mr Wiggles
Audiobond RACK MOUNT power cap! It is 5 Ferid!

thats why its loud. lol
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Exile son of Exodus
216 db ??!!! When was 190 broke? He said it needs a batt in the back just ONE!
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Your windows aren't flexing unless their flexing "prefusely".
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someone call him on speakerphone and record it. Plan it out ahead of time to give him hell, and post that ish here.
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his add has been flagged
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