Hey guys, here is my dilemma. I have a 9515 pushed by an M3a in my truck. Right now I have the box in the (40) position of the 60/40 seat. (I removed 40 seat). The sub is facing back along with the port facing back. The box after all displacements is 4.8 or so cubes with 70" of port area tuned to 35 hz. I have tried firing the sub up with the port facing sideways twards passenger door, which btw sounds horrible in my application. The output in my current setup is good but I feel it should gave more. If u set in the back seat the bass is insane but in the drivers seat the bass is somehow canceled out.....weird.

What is the best way to fire the sub and also what is the best freq. to tune the 9515 to?

The amp is fed by 4/0 power cable and has 4 AGM battery's with a batcap 2000 right next to amp. I'm not getting much voltage drop but the amp still seems to be clipping as indicated on the bass control knob. I am running a line out converter off my factory Bose sub and factory nav unit , but I do have my pioneer 8400bt about to go in so I hope that make a difference. Any ideas or thoughts guys??? Thanks in advance
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Keith Bass
The new head unit will make a huge difference, you will have to reset the amp also because youll probably be clipping worse than you already are,try doing sub firing back or even down and you will get the best sound it will have something to load against.
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