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well i've searched around for some prices and sooo far i got mtx about 500 each, crunch about 600 each and the ab 500 each for the 120.1, no idea on price for the 150.1... thinking maybe crunch
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go with the mtx you want be unhappy,trust me.
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150.1 gold amp
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Contact Mike stiers over at Maxxsonics, he can give you all the info you need. I'm sure your make the right choice!
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Team Maxxsonics - John
GP3000D-Pro amps
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Originally posted by rj warren:
Well at a shop I use to work for we had a demo van with 2 of these amps (the mtx) on 2 12" orion HCCA's. Very nice amps but for the price thee are better..much better. As far as the crunch amps I havent played with those yet but hopefully soon will have 4 or so. Then I will be able to give a better comparison.
RJ, I hate to bring this public but quit ducking Johnny Ko. He needs his money.

Team members don't d!ck eachother over....
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