1st and foremost, good job maxxsoincs on the addition of pro audio style drivers to your full range speaker line ups across the board from Autotek to Hifonics.

For my half azz very basshead style review:

I got a Crunch off of Amazon since I have a prime membership there and I have to say, I am impressed and it does as advertised. I have the 4ohm version and I BELIEVE how similar drivers work is efficiency is increased with impedance so I think therefore the 8ohm version would have a better 1w/1m rating and be more efficient. So I hope to use the 8ohm versions later and do 2 per door. I got my Screamer for $25 shipped to HI via fedex (gotta love amazon prime) granted it was a used one from 3 kings audio, it still looked mint and unused. Basically, I got the one to test and not have alot of money into it.

Overall it's a beefy little sucker and the magnet/motor structure is larger that on the Peerless SLS 8" I pulled out of my door to drop this in. I did take a pic of them side by side. They have totally different designed intentions so I wasn't trying to get the same bass output from the Crunch I was looking at extending upper frequency range as I recently pulled my 3 way active front stage apart and wanted more a more concert or pro audio sound. The Crunch Screamer gave me basically that. I need to add some nice tweets to my door as well but this is just an experiment so far. I decided to leave feedback around because it seems like no one appreciates them yet.

I hooked mine up to my old school audio art amp in my truck, 90wrms I believe it is rated. The speaker appears to be very capable of taking more but it definitely gets loud off of it. Sounds good all around even high volumes. Doesn't like the lower frequencies but I got it for upper end extension not lower and I'm replacing a peerless SLS 8" so that's a tough act to follow for door bass. I decided to run it hipass and didn't get any hints of breakup even at the tweeter range of the spectrum. I played a few different types of music and live stuff sounded nice. Hip Hop stuff was all good too but I think it's real benefit lay with the local hawaiian type music and live rock jams kind of stuff. You could test it out and get that true concert feeling sicne the full strength of the vocals are there and clear/impacting. I didn't test anything with kick bass but I would wager they could do pretty good with it. I will experiment with them more when my radiator and fan are in so I can play it away from my house down at a beach or something and get a video.

Overall especially at the Amazon prime price point of $34ea new these are a great full range driver for those looking to possibly have a system that will be demo'd with the doors open and doing array type stuff. I personally thing with even a small array of 2 8ohm drivers per door these will be enough for most typical systems running into the mid 140s on music TL at the dash. As I've had a few mid and upper 40 systems on music car closed at the dash and these would be just fine keeping up and sounding good while doing it!

GREAT value! Good speakers, all around hard to go wrong!

I would look into the Hifonics Triton but the fact that it's a square bothers me in case I couldn't get them down the road an have custom glass door panels for squares would kind of jam me up. Where as 8"s in round format are everywhere and a replacement from anyone else would be easy to get! I believe the Hifonics will probably be louder but for me, doing glass I'm not willing to put squares in my doors where I may need to replace them down the road and need new pods...'

I will try to get a video once I get my truck running again.


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