Well to start off i have a 95 camry, my previous system was stolen which was a 15'' L5 on a punch 1001bd in a sealed it was loud but not enough so im not that disappointed that its gone but now im looking for something better. I just came back from a few audio shops to get some ideas. i was thinking four sealed 12 but the way the box will have to be will make the two outside subs starve for airspace, so i started looking into some subs that will be alright in a small enclosure...(JL 12w6v2)the guys recommended three 12's or two 15's
trunk dimensions are 40w 35d 17.5h

the subs im looking into are...

Two 15's

Four 12's
Fi Q

The amps will probally be two AQ2200 but im open for suggestions $1500 give or take a few for subs and amps

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