T3audios160s db jeep
ok heres the deal everyone that votes for me will get a chance to win half the prize yea you will get your choice of the subs or the amp i will be having a raffle for everyone that has voted for me if i win this months sotm they is also a second way to receive a extra entry thats if your subscribed to my youtube channel massage me there to get a 2nd entry into the giveaway.
heres the rules you will get one entry for your vote for me on smd i will use your name on smd and pm the winner there after i win and receive the price i will be shipping it to the winner.
remember if you massage me on youtube and subscribe to my channel you will receive a extra entry to the contest goodluck to everyone thank you all.

youtube channel

vote here for loudmofo
http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/115237-july-2011-sotm-vote-sponsored-by-dc-audio/page__pid__1620442__st__120#entry1620442SOTM Vote - Sponsored by DC Audio - SMD Forum - Page 5[/url]

prize is your choice of

Winner gets:
(2) LEVEL2 12
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got my vote, is it a 1 time thing or one a day
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get my vote to you,get a choice of the subs or the amp.
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