I have a 97 tahoe with a stock battery and altornator.. would like to run the big 3 (any tips on that) and run 0 guage power wire to the new amp since i only have 4 guage right now... and would any thing else have to be up graded for 1500-2000 rms like altornator or another battery???? But i have a 9515 dvc 2 ohms in a 4 cube ft box tuned to 35 and i was lookin into gettin a sundown 1500 (any one use this amp) to power this and im on a budget so keep that in mind.... any other ideas for amp or any other part of my system would be nice
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Big 3 upgrade

with any big DAILY system, I would run a second battery with an isolator. so your alt won't try to charge 2 batteries at once or you don't kill your bat will playing with the car off.

battery isolator.

Sundown 1500D review right here on TP

best thing to do is research my friend..research!
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I looked at the reveiw of the amp and it looks like i can get good power out of it with just one battery and a stock altornator ... and a question about the isolator it has a switch u flip to charge or not charge the battery?? so the second battery isnt being used while the car is runnin?? just kinda new at this tryin to learn
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You can easily fit a 2nd battery under the hood. You can probably get the extra battery tray from the autoparts store specific for doing a 2nd batt in those trucks.
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