hi guys,
just got an old z1.. please help
tried finding old treads on it but could'nt

1. How do you know the diff between the HV or LV version? (seriel no or something on the amp)
2. at 1ohm.. is it more than 3000wrms?
3. someone told me not to put the gains more than 3/4.. is that true? why not full?
4. can it run of one battery?
5. what numbers you posted with just one amp?

any help or info on this amp will help.
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Team DD Belgium - Dieter
1. there is only 1 version, no lv or hv
2. i measured over 4kw
3. it is always beter to run the gains not full, with every amp
4. it can run of one decent batterey, no problem
5. all depends on the class ofcoarse
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before clipping, they do 3000watts into 1ohm, you won't get more than that unless you like square waves... despite what people have claimed.

you'll have to run the gains at whatever is needed, to get full power, this will depends on the RCA preout voltage from your headunit. You may need full gains.
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Thanks guys..
for now... im going to run 1x DD 1010b.. im already at 140db with only 1000wrms amp.. in a trunk car,
but building the car to do 150dbs.. is that possible?
are there any 1 x10's doing 150s?
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if you're currently doing 140dB with a 1000watt amp, you might see a 3dB gain going to the Z1 on the same sub... if it doesn't just smoke...

to gain the other 7dB to get to 150dB is highly unlikely with the same sub...
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you right, im gona have to go bigger sub..
bigger batt to handle the Z1
and maybe even try different car.. lol!
im currently using a trunk car!
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