Ok, i'm sure it has been posted before...but has anyone tested these amps one on one?

I have only had experience w/ the DD Z2hv, but from what I have heard from other competitors...the Okur 7.5kw is the same board.

I have the DD Z2hv's, and I have seen ~11.5-12k @ 0.65ohm reactive rising from 0.2ohm nominal. (10 DD 2515d4, 4th order wall)
Starting voltage was 17.8v (vehicle running) min-hold on the meter was 13.8v.
7 Kinetik HC16v that rest @ 17.2v. One batt up front, ohio gen 300a alt, 6 batts on buss bars w/ 24" 1/0ga runs to the amp. Aluminum bus bars (1/4" thick), soldered ring terminals from the bus to the amps.

161.6dB @ 43hz w/ 1 DD Z2hv. Same number 73hz in this install. This is a musical install, demo it all day long at shows. (rewire to 0.8ohm for demo, burp at 0.2ohm)

Currently, I run 2 we run the van strapped @ 0.8ohm for burp, 3.2ohm for demo. (2.5" coils in the DD2515's don't like 2k+ for long 163+ for burps, now 16 Kinetik 16v.

Does anyone else have any experience w/ these 2 amps?
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