Need Maximum SPL encolosure for DD9515g with wattage 2500
VC dual 1.4
Vehicle is a trunk car.
I can use slot or 6 inch ports.

Thx in Advance
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Woofer up port to driver's side. Box volume at 3 cubes after displacement and use both 6" ports to tune to 5hz or so below peak freq of your car. I'd assume that tuning to 45-47hz should work nicely. This box will work for the ports that you have, however I'd reccomend that you use a single 8" aero to get the same amount of port area. The position of the woofer on the box and the ports are crucial. The ports must be mounted externally with the external port opening about 4-6" away from the trunk wall. The woofer also needs to be set back in the box a little if you make the face of the box bigger than the size of the sub. Optimal would be a face just big enough for the sub to fit, but if not mount the sub in the center pushed back away from the ports as far as possible. You could even try facing the woofer foward too to see how it reacts. I'm not an expert on trunks, but I do know my enclosures and this one should work well.

This should help you out a little Curtis. I know this box design will work for you and is similar to one that I used to do a 152.6 in my car with. With the amount of power that your using in my vehicle I would easily do over 150's, so in your vehicle you should be close to high 149's to even low 150's.
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we have a guy here who makes 8" aero ports ,he help make mine for me. lmk if you need one.
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