Street Division Passenger Compartment Restrictions
3-10a Modifications to the passenger compartment are prohibited.

Additional Guidelines:

The OEM headliner (or an equivalent replacement) must remain in place. Grille cloth, box carpet, etc. may not be attached directly to the sheet metal of the roof in lieu of the headliner.
The OEM door panels (or an equivalent replacement) must remain in place.
The OEM carpeting (or an equivalent replacement) must remain in place.
Cut-throughs in pickup trucks are not permitted.
Sound damping materials may be used to reduce vibration when installed in accordance with the manufacturer's recommended installation instructions. The maximum total thickness of sound damping material applied at any given location may not exceed 5/32 inch (4mm). The sound damping application may consist of mat-type material, spray-on material, or a combination of the two. A maximum of 2 layers of mat-type material may be used at any given location, even if the total thickness of the sound damping material(s) is less than 5/32 inch (4mm).
Expanding foam may be used sparingly throughout the vehicle to seal small openings or reduce vibration, but may not be used to fill voids or other large cavities (such as the dashboard or doors).

So i see this rule and have seen Dynamat on the car and panels. What is the limit when applying dynamat to a vehicle? 4mm on the skin and 4mm on the panel? I am a bit slow with rules and just want a clairifcation.
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if you are putting mat in your doors, you can do two layers on the outer skin. OR two layers on the inner skin. OR one layer on each.
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Doing this now. Thank you for the clarification.
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