I've seen some limited feedback on here for this battery. I picked one up for my vehicle and judging by specs and appearance it seems like a solid battery. Any more detailed feedback on this model? I may be interested in picking up a few more if they are generally considered a solid battery.

FYI, bought it from REMY Battery through e-bay... it arrived in PERFECT condition and was packed extremely well. I believe they also sell Optima and Odyssey stuff.
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Broken Silence - Johnny
I've heard good things about them from people on the forum...
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i had a friend who had i think eight (2 under hood, 6 in back)in his tahoe. he was burping with 4 pbx3000d's and held at about 12.9-13ish volts with music. they are a solid battery. i think they are comparable to a yellow top in some categories.
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I have a group 31 Deka under the hood of my 1965 Lincoln Continental, and it fires up the big block to worries!!!!
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Shawn Fleming
I think the Deka's are great batts, I have used them in numerous installs.
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Bill Wolf
i love my deka.
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im about to get a Colossus II, right now i have 180 amp alternator and G34 yellow top under the hood.

do you guys this ill be fine with 2 deka G31's in the trunk?
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