Jerry and his 2012 Mazda 5
I have read about using glass and granite as well as many other materials for box building, but why not use lead? I understand it is toxic, but if we recycle our lead plates from old batteries, and solder them together into large sheets, maybe with some steel bracing or other means...wholla, a heavy dense box that shields against radiation, would it stand to reason that it could make for an interesting enclosure? Hell, back in the old days, automotive body shops used lead as body filler...maybe carry that to extreme to dampen resonance in your car body if rules allowed?
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I know someone in Florida about 10 years ago had taken their trunklid off and poured probably 100Lbs or so of liquid lead onto it. Then remounted it and used a support.
I believe some SQ guy did this with his floorpan a number of years ago as well.
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if you want to go above and beyond with a steal/lead box you have to take into account the sheer weight and cost of an enclosure like that. trust me, i've thought about it considering i work at a steel mill, but it'd just be way to heavy.
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