JR (usaudio spl team)
i am interested in getting a set of these i heard them in an avalanche n loved them but havent seen them before wondering if they r worth the money???
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IMO... yes. I love that set.
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bass-ically bad
I believe JR is talking about my truck. These are the best components I've ever owned.I would like to hear other peoples opinion also.
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Andy Jones
The tweeter is sweet. the 3" dome is nice as long as you don't try to play it to low (don't know if you are active or using the passive).

The midbass has always bit a bit light in my opinion. That driver has always been the weakest part of that 3 way.

This is being nitpicky. Overall, the set is very good.
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I have been happy with my DLS set Mid is lacking, think Iam switching out to Hybrid Audio Legatia...

But overall a very clean and nice set....
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