I recently picked up a 2000 Lexus ES300 and took my 98 Prelude off the road (and pulled the system out of the Prelude). I need to buy mids and mid-bass drivers for the ES, but I can't afford new high end components. I'm looking for mids to put in kicks and mid-bass drivers for the front doors only.
What money I can raise will go to the install-there's a very good SQ installer close by. I'm hoping to get 7" or 8" mid-bass drivers for the doors.
Here's what I already have:
Alpine W-205 head unit
Alpine 702 processor
JL 300/4
JL 300/2 (2)
JL 500/1
Alumipro 5 farad cap
MBQ Q-series tweets (1 pair)
Hiquphon tweets (1 pair)
JL 10W7 in JL Prowedge (sealed)
Please advise on the mid and midbass drivers...
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Audax Aerogels are a great sounding 4" driver...if you can find them
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