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Corey J.
I remember the , Lets see who owns this weekend ! LOL
We had better turnout , better #s , and way more smoke !!!!!!!!! ZIGZAG Yuli has nothin on my van !!!!!
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canadian no-wall
Im pretty sure that Richard only said his show would have good attendance. Question tho, how many regional participants from each location will actually attend finals? I know for fact that more than half of ours will and thats what counts

This show was fun and professional, the trophies and giveaways were nearly unbelievable and everything went smooth!
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F.O. SPL Deezy
I want to thank soundstream odessey and richard wade for making this show happen and all the competitors for making it a success! I'd also like to thank daren narine for making the long trip from TRINIDAD to help officiate the event! He's a great guy and judge and I'm happy to call him friend. Another season winding down and I'm looking forward to doing it again next season!!

Ps erie wayne called me looking for you. Please contact him.
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kraven moorehead
Congrats on your regionals and we hope to see most of you in Daytona!!!
psst.....Bring some of them GOOD CANADIAN BEERS!!!!
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The Panda still isn't running.. I didn't ask Stany to send the right part.. so I wasn't able to make it

whole season = in the crapper
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jordyO ship that panda here i will not let it miss a show even if i have to make the parts lol
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kraven moorehead
hell Jordy yu cudda pushed that little rascal!!!!
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Originally posted by NTOXKTD1:
grow up.
Care to explain that one? And to whom it pointed to?
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