What is more efficient, 1 4000w amp or 2 2000w amps? If the total rms power is equal, the single amp running 1ohm and the 2 amps ruining 1ohm each. Theory says the current draw would be the same correct?
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I would say that 2 2000 watt amps would be a bit better in real life...just from my experience...
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i think thanos is probably right in this case. theory don't mean much. but the one big one may be more efficient than two strapped
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If you strapp you lose about 0,1-0,5 deppends on the way how you strapp
With 2 amps each sub you can also get phase problems or to adjust them exactly same is hard. Also to 2 amps has more idle current draw than one.

But with is better depends on the amps itself. Normaly big spl amps are better build than smaller ones....
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Ive personally tested this theory with a 3000d vs 2 1500ds. Each 1500 was wired to .5 while the 3000 was down to .25 for a burp comparrison. Each 1500 had its own d3100 and the 3000 had the pair of d3100s for its self. Spl wise the 2 1500s were 1.8db louder than the 3k. Power was a bit different to where each 1500 was 18xx and the 3k was 38xx after rise. Virtually the same power made but dont know why the 1500 were so much louder. Could possibly be because the amperage for 1500s was more with more rise giving the woofers more throw then higher voltage from the 3k.
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