Recently I took part in an SPL show in EMMA competition. My vehicle has two Earthquake DBXi 15's power by two PA BAMF 4000/1D strapped. The box is tuned to 33Hz. The vehicle is a sedan and box is firing into the cabin sealed off from the trunk.

Since EMMA is Musical and the car is a DD, we build the box for DD and low bass.

The setup hit 142 db @ 36hz on low bass songs without effort and plays songs like Bass I love you without any issues.

But on the emma 2011 cd track 13, the setup hit only 134db. no matter how hard we pushed. Similar thing happened on the other cars. I did note there were music in the range of 30 hz.

Can someone tell me how to be ready for this kind of issue? How can I use a DD vehicle for competing in this category? How to hit the max spl on any music?

Thank you,
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Fredrik Lindberg
Oh yuck, that old ESPL cd makes me sick, except track #5 :-) The thing is that there

Damn forum, 4/5 of the post was deleted. I
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do u have ur personal meter? and can u post photos of setup
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