Right i recently had the joy of having to install the software for the termlab equipment on a windows xp machine with service pack 3
It worked fine on a windows 7 machine
But on a windows xp machine kept getting an error 372 something about the printpro3.dll was old or not working cant remember what it said.
The one op suggested in a history post that a user should update directx and it will work which is wrong ....
So to solve the problem, i had to search my asss off and im going to help any one else with the same problem .
The printpro3.dll file is a old one something like version 3.016 and the latest version isnt downloadable unless you go to the website for printpro3.dll which is http://www.pegasusimaging.com/
Then download the the software for checking your pegasus files to ensure they are up to date.
Pegconnect has to be directed in the last tab to the directory of the c:\program files\term-lab directory so that it can update the pegasusimagine files in the term lab folder.
Then run the file check for file version .
if not update to date run the update and install tab ...
once this is done you should be ready to run the term lab software .
I havent explained in detail because i cant remember all the tabs and options, however this rough guide will get any one stuck sorted out .

Any questions post on here and i will try and come on the forum as often as possible to help.
PS i wish they term-lab guys would have written a small write up so it could have saved me the pain staking process of investigation.....
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