At the Norwegian Regional Finals today we offered Psychlone for free to anyone who wanted to try it out, not officially though.

3 Competitors did, and it was pretty cool to see a SQL car beat an EMMA-car (which was European champion in SQ)

BUT there is something wrong with the scores, cause when they score ex. 79,4 on RTA the score is 794. So with SPL + Bonus + Install + RTA the score is over 1000-1100 points if its a good stereo.
And thats not correct?

And also when we ran the Bassrace finals we did a tie twice, but the scores was not the same.
1st time it was 139,7 and 139,8dB
2nd time it was 139,8 and 139,9dB
Both time it said it was a Tie, so I just had to pronounce the winner manually.

(the scores are the same on both computer and the multimonitors.)

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Wayne Harris
It is important that you set your computer up to use the decimal "." instead of the comma "," to represent numbers. Currently, Term-LAB only works with the decimal.

To change this setting, use the Windows "Regional Settings" configuration in the Windows control panel. Either set the region to "US" or change the decimal to ".".

For example...
123.4 is the way numbers should appear in Term-LAB.
123,4 will cause errors.

Hope this helps.
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ok, you think this will fix both problems or just the psychloneproblem?
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