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Originally posted by SoundCustoms:

On Topic: headshok, good luck! Good to see a good product on the market. But don't be so defensive, not everyone has bad intentions.
Hi there,

Thanks for the well wishes

Appreciate them

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headshok good luck with your business. i love it when i see people just starting out. i my self am new in business or just getting out of that point of being new. i have owned my repair shop for 6 years now and there is always ups and downs. but strive to do what you love to do and put your all into it and your product will shine i am sure.

if i want some of your wire , how do i get it? thanks for your post and video.
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Zowza its hot in here. I just wanna sell car audio and accessories and make decent money at it. But its so hard in a poor economy. I don't have any job in the car audio world and i'm kinda glad by seeing all the competition. But without competition prices would be high and poorer people like me couldn't afford anything. I'll stick to working at walmart Good luck on your businesses though.
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very nice wire. i have 50 ft. of it in my buick.

nice vid!

russ you have a pm
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Originally posted by Bill Wolf:
Originally posted by headshok:
Whatever makes u happy man

At the end of the day, specifications are numbers on paper.

Performance and user satisfaction is another.

No point explaining myself to you when

1) you represent another wire brand

2)you have no genuine interest in my product

3)you are just here to downplay both my product and myself for your own satisfaction.

I'll let my products do the talking in the lanes.

Cheers mate
Handled very well!
Agreed! Headshok you seem quite professional...Ill definitely look forward to doin business with you in the future.
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damn thats nice

next time we make an order can we just get one of those bins full and not lots of small(50') rolls?
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