Holy crap its dead on here. Well I got a question for ya. I've done DB Drag a few times and recently tried Meca. I wasn't a big fan of how Meca classed you. Prolly cause I try to set my cars up for drag with big fuses and few batts which is bad for meca. I just wondered whats your favorite org and why. I wish a bigger variety were around me. I drove 3 hours n 30 mins just to check out that meca show. I had a blast just didn't like competing as well as DB Drag. Plus one car at a time takes forever.
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Team Prodigy Mike
I like iascas classes. And there bass boxing is reall fun. But nothing beats db drags head to head competitfun. We need to combine them some how.
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nothing beats head-to-head competition, its no fun standing around all day watching 1 car go at a time. But ive still met cool people at other events since they arnt in my normal areas

Ive competed in MECA(including finals), NSPL, and Usaci
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check out fcbc
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Nate K.
I've done DB Drag, USACi, MECA, IASCA and SLAP.
I've had fun in all of them.
MECA was good until they added that stupid fuse rule.
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