Got a question I think I know the answer to but not 100% sure, can you only hook up 1 voice coil on a dvc sub? I have 4 12's that are old (eclipse aluminum 8122.4) and a few months ago I had a little accident and now the aluminum cone is torn near the surround. The tear has gotten bigger since the 1st incident its actually about 3-4 inches long now. I have been searching and cant find 1 so this morning I found 2 on ebay but they are the dvc and I need the single vc. I know it will play but for how long before I run into a problem? Thanks for the help in advance
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NO it is not good to hook up only 1 vc on a dvc sub. It is also not good to mix and match impedences, so unless you can find a suitable replacement for what you lost I wouldn't reccomend doing it. There may be a few places where you can get recones for that particular sub instead of having to buy all new. Try PSI at or you can try Robotunderground. Each of these places should carry suitable replacement parts for your subs, even to the point that you can customize them to do whatever you want.
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Master Yoda
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