on a post a while back, I mentioned I had found a folder of music that I had no idea about... never heard the music before... I was completely stumped.

I have also been getting messages about my xbox 360, and that its sucessfully installed to play my media files... I was like, ok, whatever...

then something happened... "chad's PC" was sucesfully installed... I was like, wtf? then it hit me. I had to search around for a bit to be sure, but Vista's default is to share files on your computer, and to constantly search for new computers and 360's to hook up to. Though others cannot modify files, they can read files, and add files. So, someone started using my USB drives as network-attached storage. I went to look for files and whatnot that I didn't recognise, and found gigs of stuff. Not complaining, but I thought Vista would be a little more secure than that... figured only power users would enable it, never would have guessed it would be default

anyway, I have hours of fun ahead of me, watching and listening to gigs of someone else's files. its all good I don't have anythign else better to do this weekend!
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