Tony Harrell
will two ported 15's with about 1600 watts produce better results than four sealed 15's with about 1200 watts in the same trunk car
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Depends an port size but 2 ported over 4 sealed. You'll actually be seeing more power out of that amp than a sealed.
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I have a 2010 camaro and my boss wanted me to make it into a JL Audio demo vehicle. I put four 13W7 13.5" subs in a sealed box with each woofer in it's own chamber with recommended air space. It sounds like sh!t. He said it would sound good, but I failed to realize he's a salesman and salesman talk offers customers best, better, good and I should have picked up on the word good. The jerk just wanted a f***ing demo vehicle that looks good. So every time a potential customer asks me about the sub, I tell them the truth about it. My boss doesn't know sh!t about his product or how it will sound under certain applications. I had two lanzar Pro 15" LP-15 in a sealed box and the frequency was phenominal JL Audio doesn't get much good frequency response, plus never put a power subwoofer in a sealed box. You get more power and shaking from vented. If I had cheaper non power subs, I would put them in a sealed box to get the better frequency.
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