Pulse Car Audio
Jan 8th
Pulse Car Audio
108a Williamsport Circle
Salisbury, MD 21804

3X NSPL Sanctioned event. Judge- Matt Giese
Set World Records!

also featuring...

StreetSlam format by Pulse Car Audio

2 sensors used.
one in kick, one in dash. both front windows down (any others can be rolled down as well but front two HAVE to be down)
term lab is set to a 30 second music average. both the dash score and kick score are averaged together for a final score.
classes broken down by cone area.
one 8
one 10
one 12
one 15
one 18
two 8
two 10
two 12
two 15
two 18
three plus woofers
wall (the enclosure and anything attached to it that is higher than the top of the lowest headrest in the vehicle in the full down position)

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Pulse Car Audio
bump for a good show!!!
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